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5 Ways To Improve Your Digestion Naturally

Solve Your Digestion Problem - Aditya Birla Capital - Activ TogetherA healthy digestive system is the key to overall good health. In our modern, inactive lifestyle which has high levels of stress and travel, irregular eating patterns and frequent intake of junk food often result in inconvenient, painful and embarrassing digestive problems.  Dietitians recommend the secret to a healthy digestive system as consumption of real, natural foods, supplemented with a healthy and active lifestyle. The secret to improving one’s digestion is to make the right diet choices, restrict the quantity of food intake and eat at regular intervals.

5 Natural Ways to Improve Digestion:

  1. Eat Healthy:

    From childhood, the importance of healthy eating has been taught to us by our parents with the saying ‘Health is Wealth.’ One should eat foods in their natural state like vegetables, fruits, dairy items and whole products with optimal cooking as far as possible. In other words, it is best to avoid foods that are deep-fried in oil, processed in factories such as tinned, canned or packaged foods and foods heavy in sugar content.

  2. Drink Enough Water:

    Try to increase your water intake slowly and steadily. With the start of summer, there are many alternatives available like fresh lemonade, coconut water and herbal teas. However, one should take care to avoid excessively sweetened drinks as this could work against one’s digestive system.

  3. Control Stress:

    Stress is rightly known as a silent killer. Stress negatively affects the mind, the heart as well as digestion. One must indulge in stress reducing, recreation activities like meditation, yoga and walking. Exercise has also been scientifically proven to improve digestion. Physical activity enhances metabolism and blood flow to the digestive tract.

  4. Listen to One’s Body Needs:

    The body sends us a message through either pain or discomfort. For example, while milk is healthy for most, some of us might be lactose intolerant. Thus, signs of vomiting and discomfort upon consumption of milk should not be ignored. Similarly, signs of pain and/or discomfort upon consumption of food items must not be ignored. One should try to replace these foods with easily digestible foods to obtain the required nutrients.

  5. Follow Healthy Eating Habits:

    Experts say the digestion starts the moment we start eating. Our teeth break down the food into small particles. This aids in better digestion and nutrient absorption by the digestive system. While healthy foods are the most important aspect in digestive health, one’s eating habits should also be taken care of. One should slowly and thoroughly chew the food morsels, avoid overeating or eating in a rush. One must take care to watch the portion size of the food. It is always best to eat a balanced and simple diet.

Every individual’s body has different needs. A one-size fits all approach does not work. Broadly, healthy food habits with a stress-free lifestyle is the best remedy to naturally improve digestion capabilities.


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