Healthy Food Plan For Fasting During Shravan


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Healthy Food For Fasting

The month of Shravan, dedicated to Lord Shiva, has already begun. Devotees are enthusiastic and excited to celebrate by offering religious prayers, indulging in spiritual practices, and also observing holy fasts. Many observe a fast on Monday, popularly known as Shravan Somvar in their devotion to Lord Shiva and also to give their body a break. While some have one meal, others eat only fruits, sabudana (sago), milk, curd, buttermilk, and certain sattvic foods allowed during fasts. Although some face no problems, many have difficulty in eating a balanced diet and become victim to fatigue. Avoid fatigue and deal with health issues with a healthy diet plan. A diet plan that contains a healthy balance of nutrients with short gaps of 2-3 hours between meals can help you stay fit while you fast in devotion to Lord Shiva. Follow this diet plan to not spoil your health and let it get in the way of your devotion.

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