Daily Morning Exercises To Do At Home

Staying active or working out regularly has never been as important as it is today when we all lead a hectic life. However, in the midst of our busy schedules, exercise and health often take a backseat. Most of us either don’t find the time to exercise or we start but fail to continue it due to other responsibilities.

If you have been wanting to maintain good health and find some time to workout, then we have some good news! You can exercise even while doing your daily chores. Here are some things that fitness enthusiast AnuPriya Kapur does when getting ready for the day.

Here Are 3 Simple Morning Exercises

Wall Squat While Brushing

When brushing her teeth she does a wall squat for 30-60 seconds. Wall squat is a great leg strengthening exercise as it works on your quadriceps to make it stronger. And, the best part about this exercise is that it can be done anytime, anywhere – while brushing or even at your workplace!

One Legged Balance While Making Tea

When preparing a cup of her morning tea, she gets into the Vrikshasana or single leg stance. This posture where one stands on a single foot promotes concentration and calm, builds coordination, helps improve balance and prevent falls. Next time you are preparing your morning cup of tea or cooking breakfast don’t forget to do the single leg stance.

Calf Leg Raises While Waiting For A Cab

When waiting for a cab or having a cup of tea, AnuPriya Kapur stretches her calf. Calf leg raises boost ankle strength and stability, improves lower body strength and performance, and prevents injuries. While you can do the same when waiting for a cab, bus or train, you can even do this during breaks at work!

Staying fit isn’t about working out for hours at end, but doing whatever you can in your capacity to maintain your health. So, go ahead practice these routines whenever you find time throughout the day and pledge to stay healthy and fit!