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7 Desk Exercises To Do At Work

A lot of corporate professionals nowadays are opting for the healthier route to navigate their office interiors. One of the most popular ways here are to climb up a flight of stairs, whenever possible, instead of choosing to travel by the elevators. The reasoning behind this is that it reduces the lethargy out of your sedentary lifestyle. This, in turn, keeps you fit and productive throughout the workday.

Here Are A Few Easy-To-Do Desk Exercises To Remain Fit In The Office

  1. Triceps Stretch

Stretch your right arm and fold it above your head. Place your left arm over it for support and breathe throughout the stretch.

  1. Shoulder Shrug

Take a deep breath and roll both of your shoulders as much as you can without experiencing any discomfort.

  1. Wrist Stretch

Hold your hand at the chest level and stretch each wrist by placing your palms out. As you breathe, change wrists and stretch accordingly.

  1. Shoulder Retraction

Place both your hands at your sides and slowly move them outside and in. Inhale as you stretch inside and exhale as you stretch outside.

  1. Neck Stretch

Slowly and carefully stretch your neck on each side with the help of your arms. Breathe normally throughout the stretch.

  1. Upper Body Arm Stretch

Entwine your fingers and place your palms outside. Keeping them like that stretch your arms towards the ceiling. Breathe as you do so.

  1. Torso Stretch

Take the help of the back of your chair and move your complete upper body in one direction. Ensure that your lower body, especially your feet stay in one place.

These desk exercises are quite easy to do and will help you stay energetic and healthy throughout your workday. It is important to remember to do them after periodic time intervals. This way, you can stay active with every move at the workplace.