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Emotional Wellbeing
Question 1 1/10

Have you been experiencing little interest or no pleasure in previously enjoyable activities?

Question 2 2/10

Have you been feeling depressed or hopeless off late?

Question 3 3/10

Do you easily get anxious/ stressed about minute things?

Question 4 4/10

Are you having trouble falling asleep or are sleeping too much?

Question 5 5/10

Are you feeling tired or have no energy for simple tasks?

Question 6 6/10

Have you observed any change in your eating pattern (poor appetite / overeating)?

Question 7 7/10

A feeling of failure or have let yourself or your family down?

Question 8 8/10

Are you easily bothered or irritable with things off late?

Question 9 9/10

Do you have trouble concentrating on things, like reading or watching television?

Question 10 10/10

Do you find yourself catching on negative thoughts about any random events?

Your Assessment


The Calculation is not to be taken as a diagnostic result. Though verified by ABHI experts, for your best wellbeing, you may keep it across with your doctors or healthcare professionals.

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