Lot have been said about the need and significance of health insurance policy and rightly so! Though it is a given fact that health insurance is an essential, one should not just rush into buying it. Because it is an “essential” and holds mammoth significance in the financial planning and realization of the life goals, utmost care should be taken while buying an insurance policy.

One must critically examine all the features and terms of the plan and see to it, that the policy is a mutually exhaustive and all-inclusive one, implying the health plan that you buy should be able to cover all your medical needs. While costs’ arising from an ailment or illness is seemingly covered by a health insurance policy, does it cover you from the medical costs of an accident?!

Health insurance and accidents

Your basic health insurance policy may or may not cover the costs if you get injured or hospitalized because of an accident. It lies at the complete discretion of the insurance providing company if they would provide coverage for accidents in their health insurance plan(s). If there is any such coverage, the same would be clearly specified in the insurance document.

However, if one needs definite coverage against accidents, one can buy an add-on or a rider like a personal accident cover.

Personal accident cover

Most of the general health insurance plans available do not provide coverage against accidents. However, this is one such aspect which can happen to anyone without any precursor and in case of major accident or bodily damage, the cost of treatment can soar high depleting one’s saving and heavily jeopardizing the financial health. Road accidents, accidents caused by a tool or being injured due to bad infrastructure, lot of things can go wrong.  Buying a personal accident rider provides you with the safety net that, if there is any such mishap; the costs of the same will be covered.

Health insurance covering accidents

If a health insurance plan intrinsically offers accidental coverage, then invariably the cost of the policy i.e. the premium will be higher than a similar policy without accident coverage, for obvious reasons. Also there might be an upper limit to the cover offered. Per say, a basic health insurance that includes accidental cover can have a ceiling on the costs of room rent, ambulance, hospitalization charges, consultation fees, surgical charges.

Other dimension – road accidents

The basic characteristics of accidents are that they are abrupt and can happen due to causes that people are myopic about, like getting injured while playing basketball, slipping of the stairs, getting hurt by a tool or equipment at the workplace. However, road accidents are the most rampant ones. For road accidents caused by a vehicle, the injured remains covered by the third party liability cover that every vehicle owner in the country has to buy as a legal obligation.

To know if your health policy provides accidental coverage, it is extremely important to read the policy document with utmost care. Until and unless it is clearly mentioned in the document, one should neither assume nor presume.

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