Asthma questions


Asthma Questionnaire

Question 1 1/5

In the past 1 month, how has your asthma interfered with your daily activities?

Question 2 2/5

What is your BMI?(To know your BMI refer to the BMI calculator)

Question 3 3/5

During the past 1 month, how often did your asthma symptoms (wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, chest tightness or pain) wake you up at night?

Question 4 4/5

During the past 1 month, how often have you used your inhaler/nebulizer or medication?

Question 5 5/5

Basis your peak flow reading what has been your identified level of airway obstruction?

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The calculation is not to be taken as a diagnostic result. Though verified by ABHI experts, for your best wellbeing, you may check it across with your doctors or healthcare professionals.