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Diabetes is a serious health condition. For its treatment to work, you must learn to manage blood sugar levels. You can use a blood sugar level calculator to understand your current condition and practice self-management better. Read on to learn more.

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How it works?

    There are multiple tests to determine if you have high blood sugar. Some common tests include a fasting sugar test, post-meal test, and HbA1c). Below is the list of different blood sugar levels.

    • Normal

      For the fasting sugar test, 70-100 mg/dl value is a normal range. For the post-meal test, below 140 mg/dl value after two hours of consuming glucose is a normal range.

    • Early diabetes

      For the fasting sugar test, 101-126 mg/dl value is a sign of early diabetes. For the post-meal test, 140-200 mg/dl value after two hours of consuming glucose is an indication of this condition.

    • Diabetic

      For the fasting sugar test, over 126 mg/dl value is an evidence of established diabetes. For the post-meal test, over 200 mg/dl value after two hours of consuming glucose is a confirmation of having this health condition.

    Once you are aware of the levels, a blood sugar calculator can help you understand if you have early signs of the disease or it has progressed further.

    • Glucose is one of the key molecules, which provide animals and plants with energy. It is a simple sugar

    • Pancreas produces a hormone called insulin, which is responsible for maintaining blood sugar levels

    • Untreated high blood sugar can cause many complications like heart diseases, blindness, kidney-related problems

    • Low or high blood sugar level can cause diabetic coma, which is a severe health complication

    Using a blood sugar level calculator keeps you aware of your current level of glucose in the blood. That way, you can seek prompt medical treatment when necessary.

    When you are using a blood glucose calculator, there might be options for two different units: MMOL/L and MG/DL. Let us see how they differ in terms of blood sugar level measurements:

    • MMOL/L

      Also known as the millimolar (mM), this unit is used in the UK and most other countries. It shows the glucose concentration in your blood.

    • MG/DL

      This unit of blood sugar level measurement is more common in the US. It stands for milligrams per deciliter or 100 milliliters.

    Knowing your blood sugar level and using a blood sugar level calculator to keep an eye on your diabetes is vital. An essential part of treating diabetes is to know the glucose concentration levels in the blood and control it successfully. Health tools like online blood pressure calculators and blood glucose calculators help you track your health effectively.

    When the blood sugar calculator indicates that you have early signs of diabetes, consider purchasing a critical illness insurance plan from us, at Aditya Birla Capital. We offer a programs to manage chronic conditions that helps in managing diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. You can visit our health and fitness blog section for tips on healthy living.

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