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Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

The waist to hip ratio (WHR) is a method of determining if you are overweight. The method compares the waist circumference and hip circumference to know how much fat you have in those regions. A waist to hip ratio calculator can help in the process.



How it works?

    People with additional weight around their waist are at a higher risk of developing health complications like cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and diabetes. People with extra weight around their hips are comparatively less likely to develop any serious health issues. This happens because the first category of people are often obese, hampering their health. This is why maintaining a healthy WHR is essential. You can use a hip to waist ratio calculator to determine it.

    First, you will need a stretch-resistant tape to take accurate measurements. To measure the waist circumference, use the tape to check the middle area's perimeter between your last rib and the topmost section of your iliac crest. To make the process simpler, you can measure the smallest circumference of the waist above your bellybutton.

    To measure the hip circumference, use the tape to check the perimeter of the widest area of your hip. Once you have both the measurements, use a waist to hip calculator to determine the ratio.

    Using the waist to hip ratio calculator is simple. Follow the below steps to find the accurate WHR:

    1. Select your gender

    2. Enter your waist circumference

    3. Enter your hip circumference

    4. Click on the ‘Calculate’ button

    The hip to waist ratio calculator will then show the number to determine if you have a healthy body type.

    • Benefits

      The WHR offers an accurate measurement of the excess fat that you have on specific areas of the body. The procedure is inexpensive and easy to perform, as you only require a measuring tape and a waist and hip ratio calculator. Using the method will help you understand if there is any higher risk of serious health problems, like diabetes and heart disease.

    • Drawbacks

      WHR measurement method has a few limitations too. It depends on your ability to measure the waist and hip circumferences. While taking the two dimensions, there can be some inaccuracies, resulting in a false WHR. Also, this method does not work on people who have a height of less than five feet or a Body Mass Index of 35 or more.

    If you have a high WHR, it is important to reduce it to a healthy ratio. The best way to improve is by losing the extra weight. You need to do certain lifestyle modifications, like decreasing the portion of food, adapting to a healthy diet, and exercising regularly. Use a waist to hip ratio calculator or an ideal weight calculator to keep an eye on your physique.

    Unhealthy lifestyles lead to lifestyle diseases and you might need to avail chronic care management. Visit our health and wellness blog section to learn more about healthy living. Health tools like BMI calculator and Blood Pressure Calculators help you keep a tab on you pre-existing health conditions with ease.

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