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Cost of Smoking Calculator

If you smoke, you are at a higher risk of health conditions affecting your lungs. Additionally, tobacco increases the possibility of certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, fertility, and gum diseases.

In addition to being life-threatening, smoking is an expensive habit. Have you considered how much you spend on this habit? If not, then continue reading below.


How it works?

    To know how much is the cost of smoking, use an online calculator. It is a simple tool that uses certain parameters like how many cigarettes you smoke per day, the average per-packet cost, and the date from which you started smoking to show the money you spend on this harmful habit. When you use the cost of smoking calculator, you will be surprised to know that smoking can cost you lakhs of rupees over the years.

    Like most smokers, you are aware of the health risks posed by this dangerous habit. However, you may not have considered the cost of this habit. When you use a quit smoking cost calculator, you can see the actual money you will save by overcoming this habit. Every cigarette not smoked is money in your pocket. The amount saved over the long-term can enable you to meet other financial goals, such as a dream family holiday or rewarding yourself with something you want.

    A quit smoking health calculator will help you understand the potential savings; however, you need to take certain steps to overcome this habit. Here are a few tips to help you quit smoking:

    • Reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke each day gradually

    • Opt for alternatives like nicotine patch or chewing gums

    • Stay optimistic about the cigarette-free future that gives you the opportunity of a healthier and longer lifespan

    • Set a date and adhere to it

    • Take support from friends and family

    When you use a quit smoking calculator, you can determine the cost and potential savings if you overcome the habit. However, if you want to understand the reduction of your lifespan due to this dangerous habit, a smoking risk calculator is also available. Based on your age, gender, number of cigarettes per day, and the number of years since you started smoking, this calculator will show the risk of smoking on your total lifespan.

    The risk of heart diseases reduces by half only one year after you give up smoking. If you pair it with regular exercise you will not just get physical benefits but also monetary benefits like insurance premium discounts upto 30% jut by staying active.

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