Smoking Cost

Estimate Your Cost Of Smoking

Tobacco use can have disastrous consequences on your health primarily affecting the lungs. In addition, smoking can also lead to certain forms of cancers, fertility issues, gum disease, type 2 diabetes, etc. Smoking is expensive and you might be surprised at how much you could save if you decide to quit. On average, most people who quit save around Rs.1,500 - 2,000 each month. Calculate just how much money you will save over time from quitting.

Estimate Your Cost Of Smoking

When did you start smoking:

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Average cost of cigarettes per packet (In Rs):


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How many cigarettes do you smoke a day:

Your overall benefits on quitting smoking

1 Day Smoke Free - Every time you smoke, there is temporary increase in BP. Quitting smoking would help improve BP & heart rate.

1 Week Smoke Free - A cigarette contains 12 mg of nicotine. Our body absorbs 1 mg of nicotine/cigarette in the bloodstream. Therefore, you could be 80% nicotine free in a week.

1 Month Smoke Free - Amount of money a smoker spends on cigarettes affects their monthly budget. On an average, you could save around Rs.2,500 - 5,000 which could be invested towards an SIP.

1 Year Smoke Free - Smoking is a proven risk factor for heart attack and stroke. During this period your risk of a heart attack and stroke has declined to half that of a smoker.

10 Years Smoke Free - Smokers pay more in medical bills as you certainly get sick more often. In 10 years your risk of developing and dying from lung cancer and oral cancer decreases.


The calculation is not to be taken as a diagnostic result. Though verified by ABHI experts, for your best wellbeing, you may check it across with your doctors or healthcare professionals.