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The blood pressure (BP) is the measurement of pressure created on the arteries when the blood flows through them. High BP can result in serious health issues like stroke and heart attack. Even though low BP is comparatively less dangerous, it can lead to fainting and dizziness. You can use a blood pressure calculator to determine if there are any health risks.

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How it works?

    Many times, there are no apparent symptoms of high or low blood pressure. Hence, you may have a high BP without any knowledge of it, putting your health in jeopardy. This is why you must check your blood pressure regularly. Doing this will help you in treating the condition before it becomes severe.

    Experts suggest to do frequent blood pressure tests after turning 40, even if you do not have the condition at present. For people with low or high blood pressure, more regular tests are necessary. Once you have the blood pressure reading, use a BP calculator to know if there is any reason to worry.

    The doctor uses a sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure. It includes a dial, pump, arm cuff, and stethoscope. To get an accurate result:

    1. The doctor wraps the cuff around the upper-arm while you hold it out to the level of the heart

    2. The doctor uses the pump to tighten the cuff around the arm, which restricts your blood flow for a few seconds

    3. The doctor releases the pressure and uses the stethoscope to measure your pulse-rate

    4. The doctor records the pressure on the dial when the blood starts to flow back to your arms. He checks two measurement points to determine the blood pressure

    These days, you can also use a digital display to check the blood pressure at home and a BP calculator to find out if it is high, low, or normal.

    To use a blood pressure calculator online, you have to provide it with the BP readings. The reading indicates if you are at risk of developing health issues due to blood pressure. Millimeters of Mercury (mmHg) is the unit of blood pressure. If your BP range is 90/60mmHg to 120/80mmHg, it is normal. If it 90/60mmHg or less than this, you have low blood pressure. Anything over 140/90mmHg indicates high blood pressure.

    If the blood pressure calculator indicates high blood pressure risks, you have to start taking the necessary measures to normalize it. To get the best results, you need to:

    • Restrict salt intake

    • Adapt to a healthier diet

    • Avoid alcohol consumption

    • Lose weight

    • Exercise regularly

    • Stop smoking

    Aditya Birla Capital Health Insurance can keep you prepared for any medical emergencies due to high blood pressure. We offer a ‘Chronic Management Program’ that helps in tackling lifestyle diseases like Hypertension. Check our health and wellness blog section for ideas on healthy living and keep a tab on your health with our health tools like blood sugar calculator and cholesterol calculators online.

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