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Total Cholesterol Calculator

Cholesterol circulates through the body and performs some important functions like the brain and cell membrane health. It is carried by lipoproteins, which are particles formed within the liver comprising fat and proteins.



How it works?

    Cholesterol is measured with a lipid profile. The result will take 24 hours. To ensure the results are accurate, before the test, you must:

    • Avoid any strenuous activities

    • Fast for at least nine to 12 hours

    • Inform the doctor about any medical conditions or medications

    Because cholesterol is a fatty substance, it is insoluble in the blood and requires carrier proteins. When it attaches to the proteins, complex lipoprotein is the resultant. These include:

    • Low-density lipoprotein (LDL)

      It is also known as bad cholesterol, as it tends to deposit on the walls of the blood vessels. It may cause clogging, posing danger to coronary arteries, and impair the blood supply to your heart, which may cause a heart attack.

    • High-density lipoprotein (HDL)

      This complex lipoprotein flows through the bloodstream towards your liver and disposes of unnecessary cholesterol, which is why it is known as good cholesterol. HDL carries cholesterol from the arteries, and higher HDL levels help in the prevention of arterial clogging, which reduces the possibility of a stroke or heart ailments.

    A total cholesterol calculator uses both the HDL and LDL levels to provide correct results.

    Triglycerides are used to store fats to produce energy, especially by the muscles. Higher triglyceride levels increases the risk of a possible stroke, heart attack, and heart disease.

    A cholesterol calculator uses all three values; HDL, LDL, and triglycerides to derive the results. Some calculators may also require you to input gender, age, and ethnicity details, as these also affect the outcomes.

    Having understood how to calculate total cholesterol, every person aged 20 years and above must measure it at least once in five years. If you have a family history of heart conditions and diabetes, more frequent testing is recommended. The relationship between different cholesterol forms indicates the possible risk of heart conditions. Regular testing and chronic disease questionnaire ensures your doctor can track any changes to your health and provide the necessary treatment to lower your risks of stroke or heart disease.

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