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Addiction to Smoking: What, Why and How to Stop.

How to Overcome Smoking Addiction?

Kicking the habit can be tough, but with the right support, it can lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Have you ever gone for a daily run and genuinely enjoyed it and hence continued this activity for a specific period? There does come a time when you feel incomplete if you haven’t gone running even if it’s for just one day. That is because a certain habits have a tendency of being addictive. This is not just a positive, but also a negative aspect of physiology. When you grow into habits like smoking, your brain behaves the same way as it does after a relieving session of tiring exercise. This leads to negative addiction.

An addiction becomes a habit especially when one tries to find ways out of stressful situations. The habit of smoking is of such kind. Among two people, there isn’t ever a situation where one is more prone to smoking than the other. It often results as an outcome of peer pressure or through the influence of social circles.
However, it is never too late to stop this habit.

For starters,

Smoke a cigarette less today
The easiest way to break the habit is to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes that you are currently used to smoking. Take it slow, take it steady. When you reach the level of one cigarette per day, you will realise that it was never as though you didn’t have a choice to not smoke. You will see situations more clearly and also the ‘exit’ sign which would lead you to a normal healthy life with no worry of a negative addiction.

Think of alternatives like Nicotine patch/gums
Nicotine patches and chewing gums are available at pharmacies around you and they are designed especially to smoothen your way towards quitting cigarettes. Though they contain nicotine, the fraction of it is much lesser than that of a cigarette. The use of such products eases you gradually onto the road towards a better and healthier life.

Be optimistic
Withdrawal can be hard but as long as you are optimistic about your life after cigarettes where you no longer need them. A life without cigarettes is a life of better pleasures, the most valuable one being that of a long and a healthy life.

Your version of tomorrow is the result of the choices you make today. Your choices make you who you are.


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