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Hypertension 101 – All You Need to Know About High Blood Pressure

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This infographic explains the intensity of hypertension, a chronic disease which has highly affected the world population. The major reason why it is a deadly disease is due to the fact that it is a silent killer. It creeps into your life quietly with hardly any symptoms in the beginning. Due to this, many people remain unaware of being affected by hypertension. Before they know it, it must have reached dangerous levels in their body.

Through this infographic, we aim to educate people about the numbers one should know to manage blood pressure effectively. To keep these numbers in check, one should go for medical check-ups on a regular basis. Along with frequent medical check-ups, there are different ways to monitor blood pressure. Few of them are explained in this infographic like exercising regularly, consuming salt, keeping your weight and waistline in control and maintaining a healthy diet.

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