Coronavirus And Diabetes

Diabetes And Coronavirus: Precautions For Diabetics

Even though the novel coronavirus-19 has spread all over the world, 80% of the cases are only mild infections. The illness also shows a good recovery rate of 98%. However, it is always better to prevent getting infected in the first place. This is especially true for people who are more susceptible to the disease, like diabetics. Taking the right precautions can help keep you or a family member stay safe and healthy during this time.

High blood sugar levels are some of the chronic health issues that weaken the immune system. Staying home and avoiding contact with anyone who might be sick is the first step towards health for diabetics. Here are some other things you can do:

Precautions For Diabetics Against Coronavirus

1. Monitor Your Blood Sugar:

Keep a blood sugar monitor in the house and check your levels regularly. If sugar levels are going too high, then follow your doctor’s instructions like taking an insulin injection or tablet as prescribed.

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2. Check For Ketones:

High blood sugar levels can lead to the body burning fat and the formation of ketones in the blood. High ketone levels can be toxic which is why it is a good idea to also monitor ketones along with blood sugar and keep them under control. Home testing kits are available for ketones as well.

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3. Stay Hydrated:

Keeping well hydrated also helps to balance blood sugar. This will give your immune system a chance to get stronger and fight off any infections you might come in contact with.

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4. Eat A Balanced Diet:

Make sure to provide your body with the right nutrients so that you can build up your immune system. Follow the diet recommended for you, but eat well and at regular hours. A well planned quarantine diet routine is necessary to ensure you get the right nourishment.

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If you do develop a fever or any other symptoms of COVID-19, first call your doctor and ask him/her what to do. Don’t attempt to go to a hospital without calling up a doctor to prevent yourself from contracting COVID-19

Follow these precautions to stay healthy and maintain strong immunity. For more information on the positive effects of the lockdown and tips on how to sanitise your house and accessories visit our  health blog. Stay home and stay safe.


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