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5 Diet Tips for Cancer Patients During Radiation And Chemotherapy

A diet plan for cancer patients is a highly important part of the treatment. While the diet may not directly cure the disease, there are foods for cancer patients that will help you fight this illness. Here are 5 tips that can improve your diet to make your chemotherapy and radiation treatment more effective.

1. Begin your diet before treatment 

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Your diet should begin even before the treatment. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, nuts and even yogurt. This can help your body get the nourishment that it will need when the treatment does begin. 

2. Learn to deal with changing appetite

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One of the challenges with cancer is a shaky appetite. There will be days when you are hungry but there will also be days when you don’t feel like eating anything. On days when you are hungry, load up on protein rich foods like eggs, beans, nuts, cheese, milk and healthy meats like fish. These foods ensure you get valuable nourishment without overeating. 

3. Foods to avoid 

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You will have to avoid refined sugar that is usually added in your beverages and sweet dishes. Avoid harmful foods like tobacco, alcohol and even coffee. Reduce your salt intake along with foods that have high fat or are too spicy.

4. Don’t fall for myths about cancer diets

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There is no fixed cancer patient diet that will cure everyone. In fact, depending on your condition and treatment, your food intake will change. It is best to consult your doctor before picking a diet.

5. Dishes To Include in Your Diet

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Use unrefined flours to make dishes like bajra or jowar rotis and brown rice khichdi. If you already have a healthy intake of fruits and vegetables, you can always increase the quantity. Stay hydrated with water, fresh juices and lemon water.

If you are coping with cancer, then your ideal BMI should be at about 18.5. You can keep a regular check using the Activ Health BMI Calculator.   


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