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#21StartsABHI–Day 13: Chakra Meditation For Your Inner Peace

Keeping your mind and heart at peace is an important aspect of staying healthy. To get your new year off to a healthy start, here’s our #21StartsABHI health challenge. We will be giving out 21 health habits for you to do every single day for the next 21 days this 2021. All you need to do is upload a video or photo of you doing the habit and share on any social media platform with #21StartsABHI. Stand a chance to win FREE online fitness class subscriptions + Amazon vouchers. 

Chakra meditation can help you stay positive and peaceful by aligning your seven chakras. Even though you might not be able to see or feel these chakras, you can focus on these points while meditating. The chakras are discs or vortices which are aligned with the nerve centres along your spinal cord. 

Here are some of the seven chakras in your body and the colours they are associated with:

  1. Muladhara or root chakra (red) 
  2. Swadhisthana or sacral chakra (orange)
  3. Manipura chakra or solar plexus (bright yellow) 
  4. Anahata or heart chakra (green)
  5. Vishuddha or throat chakra (blue)
  6. Ajna or third eye chakra (indigo blue)
  7. Sahasrara or crown chakra (violet) 

How to activate your chakkras- Activ Living


  • Here’s how you can try chakra meditation


While doing chakra meditation you can sit in a chair with your feet touching the floor. However, it is ideal if you sit in the lotus position before you begin your breathing exercise. Place your palms on your knees and keep your body loose. Watch the video above to understand how you can use breathing exercises to align your chakras. 


  • Benefits of chakra meditation 


Chakra meditation can be done to align the chakras or cleanse the chakras. When your chakras are aligned you will find yourself at peace. By trying this meditation technique daily, you can control the energy or the vibes you project to others. Aligning your chakras can be a physical and emotional healing process for your body too. 

To find out how chakra meditation can help you have a blissful life, watch the entire video here. To Find out more mental health tips from Dr. Aditi Govitrikar like finding a work-life balance and dealing with anxiety on the Activ Living Blog. For more such healthy habits checkout our #21StartsABHI section here.

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For more such healthy habits checkout our #21StartsABHI section here.


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