The Art of Eating Fruits

Some of us love fruits. Some of us just don’t eat it right. Yes. Eating fruits is as important as how and when you eat them.

Nutritionally, fruits are like diamonds. They are rich and need to be taken care of, while choosing, handling and using them. There is no doubt that they are storehouses of vital nutrients and fibre, but we sometimes fail to absorb their goodness because of our callous eating habits. To make these nutrients work, we must learn the ‘Art of Eating Fruits’.

The ideal way to eat fruits are alone or mixed with other fruits, on an empty stomach. This helps detoxify the system and allows the fruits to move faster. Fruits don’t need to spend a lot of time in our stomachs and most of them are ready to pass through the stomach directly into the intestines.

Eating fruits with other food delays this process and it gets stuck in the stomach for a longer duration, causing some of the nutrients to denature.Ideally, the best time to eat fruits is either, forty-five minutes before meals or two hours after any major meal.When eaten this way, fruits would not only provide energy but also support weight loss.


It is best to choose from the seasonal fruits that are grown locally. Our stores may have hordes of processed and preserved fruits from all around the world but the downside is that these fruits cost a fortune and are loaded with stabilizers and preservatives to prolong their shelf life.

The types of fruits are a boon for the super busy, as these are always within reach and require minimum handling but care must be taken to find the best brands that have vitamin and mineral fortified products. Most importantly, always maintain a balance between the fresh and preserved fruits.

Most vitamins are sensitive to heat and get denatured or completely destroyed at high temperatures. Therefore, stewed fruits must be avoided if nutrition is on your mind.

While you may add nut milk, yoghurt, dairy milk, soy milk or coconut milk with fruits for creating variations and distinct flavours, avoid doing it too often, ideally it is best to stick to the raw fruit.

Eating the fruits in their most natural form helps you draw maximum benefits for wellbeing, save time, avoid infections that may be caused by over handling of fruits and it also protects the nutrients. Follow these rules and get surprised by how the fruits bring out the radiant you within days!

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