7 ways to lose that holiday weight

When the festive holiday season hits at the end of the year, it brings along moments you had been waiting for. There’s a lot of joy, craziness, tears at times, and if you’re not watching, an abundance of calories. Though you may have had a great time, you could regret those extra kilos that came with all the camaraderie. We have the solution on how you can get back into shape and lose that holiday weight.


1. Begin with 10%

Let your short-term goals be just 10% of your long-term goal of losing weight. That boosts your chances of success. Losing the first few pounds, which is mainly belly fat, will give you the biggest health gains. Since they’re the most difficult, losing them makes a great start.

2. Let water help

Quite often, thirst is mistaken for hunger. Whenever you feel like grabbing a bite, opt for a glass (or two) of water instead. In fact, having some water or iced tea right before a meal is quite helpful. Even during a meal, sipping water makes you fill fuller so you won’t eat as much.


3. Stick to the 10-minute rule

Studies have shown that your cravings don’t last beyond 10 minutes. So, before giving in to the urge, give yourself a task for 10 minutes; pick one that is probably pending on your to-do list. Let the task give you a sense of accomplishment and get you out of the kitchen for a while.

4. Give your diet a break

Give yourself the liberty to eat anything your body craves, but limit it to once in 21 meals. It won’t affect your regime and you’ll feel comfortable. Those cheat days are great for morale as they can help you feel like you’ve accomplished a health goal. Never forget that moderation is key.


5. Make simple, achievable goals

Simple goals that are easy to achieve can boost your confidence. The best weight-loss programs recommend stopping after the first 4-5 kilos and maintaining the new weight for six months before the next loss.


6. Opt for more meals a day

Eating at least five times a day helps in maintaining your weight if the quantity and the parameters are right. They enhance your mood, give you an energy boost, burn calories (the process of digestion) and are even known to give you a faster metabolism.


7. Upgrade resolutions every week

Don’t try to change everything in your diet overnight. That can lead to frustration, and once you are there, you might give up. Instead, start with small changes, like having a bowl of fruit every day, for a week.


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