5 Facts about healthy fats

Whether it’s to fit into some clothes before the next family function or lose that paunch for the summer to show off a great bod, the goal always seems to stay the same. That being said, in the quest to lose weight, you may misconstrue the facts about certain foods, especially when the word ‘fats’ comes up. In fact, the ever vilified fats could, in fact, be instrumental in helping you along the way.


We’ve outlined a few reasons why including healthy fats into your diet is important:-

1. Healthy fats control hunger pangs

When we eat foods that contain healthy fats, they tend to linger in our stomachs a little longer and thereby make you feel full longer. However, do keep in mind that processed foods and foods that are high in trans-fats (chips, cookies, microwave popcorn, cream-filled candies, and fried fast food) will only satisfy you for a short period of time. Foods like salmon, avocados, tuna, nuts, olive oil, coconut and full-fat yoghurt are examples that include healthy fats.

2. Healthy fats promote healthy metabolism

In addition to carbs and proteins, your body also needs healthy fats for a metabolism boost. Without this, your body would most likely be using up lean muscle mass instead of the excess fat stored. This is why a well-balanced meal and overall healthy diet is essential to promoting an effective and healthy metabolism.


3. Healthy fats act as your body’s transport system

This may surprise you, but healthy fat molecules help transport vitamins and other nutrients through the body. Vitamins A, D, E and K are actually fat soluble and are essential for good health. Vitamin A is essential for good overall eye health and sight.

4. Healthy fats protects your body

Besides the important functions of transporting nutrients and boosting the body’s metabolism, healthy fats also cushions and helps protect vital internal organs in times of trauma. It also helps in insulation and keeps people in colder regions warm.


5. Healthy fats can help reduce blood pressure and heart disease

There’s increasing evidence to show that omega-3 fatty acids that are derived from fatty fish like salmon and mackerel play a part in reducing blood pressure and high cholesterol. Blood pressure is said to track from childhood to adults and dietary supplementation of poly-saturated fatty acids is associated with lower blood pressure in later childhood and adults.

So there you have it. These are just a few of the benefits of healthy fats, just be sure not to go overboard with them. Moderation is the key to healthy, balanced diet.

Source – Bistromd