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The Kanchan Daniel Story – Healing with the rhythm of music

The Kanchan Daniel story

There are some things in our lives that we have no control of; it’s just, as they say, in our destiny. It can make life a little challenging sometimes, especially when it comes to facing unfortunate circumstances beyond your measure of control. The true test of your mettle comes from the ability to handle the situation and rise above it.

For Kanchan Daniel, life was pretty good until seemingly minor, but persistent symptoms led her to the diagnosis that she had cancer. After the shock of this realization wore off, Kanchan resolved to not let the disease beat her. From choosing to shave off her beautiful hair before the therapies took it from her, she boldly faced her circumstances with unwavering courage.

Requiring to be admitted to an ICU frequently, Kanchan found that her iPod and music was her saving grace during her lonely periods at the hospital. More importantly, she found music itself to be far more important than just her close companion; it became her inspiration. Lyrics gained deeper meaning and the tunes kept her self-motivated.

The strong support system of family, friends, and doctors helped Kanchan heal mentally, but the battle against cancer had left her body weak. Kanchan started building herself up and was determined to get back to her healthy self once again. Her choice to adopt a healthier lifestyle included eating right and getting in the right kind of exercises to regain her strength.

Once she was back on her feet she delved into life and music and her passion was further ignited during a concert when a companion suggested they try making some music. Kanchan was reluctant at first, but her newfound ‘josh’ for life led her to take up the offer that set her on a path to achieve her true destiny.

Although her current hectic schedule doesn’t allow her to follow a regular gym routine, she ensures that there’s time to workout at home or she gets in a regular walk and maintains a protein rich diet for strength.

Kanchan feels that sometimes life can drag you down and put you in a horrible place. But it is at this very juncture that you should choose to accept life’s challenges and learn to channel your strength to overcome them and emerge victorious. Her motto is to never stop fighting; to never give up and always move forward. While talking to Kanchan, we discovered she has a lively spirit for humour even while describing the most painful events in life.

To watch our special conversation with Kanchan, check out our video below.

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