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Meet Primla Hingorani on #BehadZindagi

While we tend to stereotype older adults as being cute, vulnerable and slow, social norms and etiquette demand that these individuals be extended common courtesy. This may be in the form of offering them a seat in the bus or train, having special queues for senior citizens at banks and offices, or just giving them a helping hand to climb up the stairs. But there are certain individuals who manage to surprise us with their vigour, strength and fitness, despite their age…

One such ageless individual is Primla Hingorani, better known as Aunty 72. She wears her age on her sleeve, flaunting it like a trophy. A go-getter from a young age, Primla has been walking and running for as long as she remembers. For her, health has always signified beauty. Being health and fit excites her to no end and she considers it to be the elixir of life. Having led an active lifestyle throughout her life, even at the age of 72, she prefers to move around on her feet rather than travel by cabs or car.

She strongly believes that one healthy person in the family can be a strong influence on others and if that person is the lady of the house, she can bring about an overall wellbeing to the household.

Owing to her resolve for staying healthy, she holds a record for completing 500 kilometres in just a span of 100 days. She is an active participant in marathons including Mumbai Marathon, DNA Marathon and Pinkathon. Dancing is another one of her passion where she has won many awards for her performances. At an age where people have a hard time remembering their daily medicines, Primla has a hard time counting the number of medals she has received for her participation in various events.

Primla has her daily routine cut out; she gets up early and takes 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach. After freshening up, she has a banana and leaves for an hour of aerobics. Following which, she walks back 2.5 kilometres. She makes it a point to spend an hour with the children of Asha Kiran foundation. Thereafter, she gets ready and heads to her bank. All her banking work is done personally as she loves being in touch with people and avoids the use of gadgets. This practice extends to her workout also. When asked if she uses music for motivation, she promptly replied that she prefers listening and connects with her body during workouts. She believes in a healthy diet intake and is strictly against the practice of skipping meals as it leads to compensatory junk consumption.

Primla’s motto is ‘Each One, Inspire One’; and she strongly believes that if each one takes the initiative to inspire someone, it will create a chain effect.


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