How To Treat Newborn Baby Cold

Preventing Cold In Babies Infographic - Activ Living

Why Is It Important To Protect Babies From Cold?

Newborn babies are more at risk of being affected by chilly wind as they don’t have enough fat to keep themselves warm. To keep your baby safe, cover it in layered clothing at all times. Layers trap the chilly air between them and do not let it reach the baby’s body. Keep the baby’s room at a moderate temperature because a heated room might make the baby get too hot and sweaty.

Taking the baby outside is good for its health and helps them get some sunlight. You can follow the one extra layer method to understand when your baby is getting too cold or too warm. This means that if you are comfortable in two layers of clothing, your baby will need three and so on.

While bathing the baby, keep the water just slightly warmer than room temperature. Keep the bath short and cover the baby immediately after. Taking these precautions will keep your baby warm and safe from diseases and dry skin.


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