4 Winter Dehydration Symptoms

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In the winter season, your body loses as much fluid as it does in summer, but you don’t get as thirsty. This is because the blood vessels keep maximum blood flow restricted to your core to keep it warm and your body thinks that it is more hydrated than it actually is. Moreover, dehydration is compounded when dry wind absorbs moisture from the skin and due to increased urination. Here’s how to find out if you are dehydrated and how to keep hydrated in the chilly weather and ensure you protect your health.

How To Know If You Are Dehydrated?

  • If you feel more tired or sleepy than usual, you might be dehydrated. Confusion and anger can be symptoms of severe dehydration.
  • You can also identify your need for ingesting liquids if your eyes get dry or if your vision gets blurry.
  • Another common symptom is muscle cramps. Sometimes you may also feel like you are losing balance and need to be seated.
  • If you get extremely hungry it might be due to loss of water from your body as a dehydrated body tries to make up for it by consuming food.

How To Keep Hydrated Even When You Are Not Thirsty:

  • Set times for drinking water throughout the day or set alarms if it helps.
  • Add electrolytes to the water once in a day to ensure that you make up for the salts you are losing too.
  • Drink room temperature or lukewarm water as slightly hot water will optimise your body temperature and help in increasing blood circulation.
  • Make it a point to carry your water bottle where ever you go. This will be a reminder for you to keep hydrated.
  • Do not miss out on drinking water when you are working out. Keep taking small sips between exercises.

What To Do Apart From Drinking Water:

  • If you don’t feel thirsty at all, you can sip on hot beverages like herbal tea, regular coffee or tea or eat warm soup.
  • Drinking milk or a smoothie are also good substitutes for water.
  • Fill your diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables as they are 90% water and will help in keeping you hydrated.
  • Avoid sodas or alcohol as these liquids can dehydrate you easily, and you might forget to drink water after.
  • Wear layered clothing to prevent loss of water from skin coming in contact with a chilly wind.

Winters can be tough on your body so always check if you are showing any signs of dehydration. Drinking plenty of water will help you to feel active and fresh.



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