Health Effects Of Coffee

Is Coffee Healthy? - Activ TogetherEveryone loves the smoky herby aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Perhaps, there’s no other preferred fragrance to get billions of people out of their cozy beds every morning. In fact, according to the International Coffee Organization, the world consumes 1.4 billion cups of coffee, every single day. That’s a lot of coffee!

India, a nation of tea-lovers, has seen an extensive growth of coffee enthusiasts over the past few decades. With leading brands and coffee outlets at every street corner, more and more Indians choose a sweet, piping hot cup of coffee over tea. One thing is certain: once you have tasted this ‘elixir’, there’s no going back.

Consider the fact that Voltaire, a famous 18th century French writer, historian and philosopher, drank 40-50 cups of coffee every day. Not far behind are icons like Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson who have expressed their love for coffee. You don’t have to be a fanatic to appreciate the revitalising effect of ground beans. But admit it, for some of you, it’s hard to begin your day without this warm beverage.

Effects Of Coffee

  1. Effect Of Coffee On The Body

One of the reasons is the effect of caffeine, a key ingredient of coffee, on your body. Caffeine causes a spike in adrenaline levels in your blood. An important hormone, adrenaline is a chemical produced in the body and is responsible for ‘fight or flight” response. The consequence of high adrenaline levels is increased alertness and concentration.

A lot of research has been carried out on the pros and cons of coffee consumption over the years. One of the most decisive results is that coffee helps in weight-loss. Coffee encourages your fat cells to use body fat as fuel. It also controls your blood sugar levels and reduces craving for sweets. So, next time if you are debating whether to go for a pastry while retaining your weight-loss goals, try a cup of coffee.

Some studies have also reported that men who regularly drink coffee show a lower risk of developing prostate cancer by 20%. Similarly, in women, the risk of developing endometrial cancer is reduced by 25%.

  1. Effect Of Coffee On The Brain

Coffee can also be good for your brain. It is found that coffee elevates your mood, causing the release of ‘feel-good’ chemicals in your brain. Also, a study has suggested that drinking two cups of coffee daily reduces the risk of suicide by 50%. Besides, coffee is linked to preventing neurological disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Can Coffee Adversely Affect Your Health?

Although the benefits of coffee are many, anything in excess is harmful. If caffeine is responsible for making your alert and enhancing concentration, it can also cause restlessness. People who are sensitive to caffeine may also experience insomnia or lack of sleep.

Another adverse side of coffee is the effect on cholesterol level. Certain ingredients directly cause the cholesterol level to shoot up, creating health issues for people with high cholesterol.

Despite adverse effects on health, coffee has been around for centuries and is likely to be popular in the future. Taken in moderation, coffee is believed to benefit the body and mind. Remember, as long as coffee suits your health, enjoy the taste of freshness. Here’s to your good health. Cheers!



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