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3 Acupressure Points For High BP

Heart diseases are a common problem today. High blood pressure or hypertension is a major cause for serious heart diseases. Diet, exercise and meditation are useful ways to lower your blood pressure. However, in the last few months, it might have become difficult to exercise regularly at home or maintain a diet.

Identifying acupressure points for blood pressure (BP) is another effective way to control the condition. According to the Ministry of Ayush, when you apply pressure to certain acupressure points for high BP on the body, they relieve muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood to aid healing. Several studies have shown that acupressure for and ayurveda for BP is effective in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

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Between The Big Toe And Second Toe (LV3)

Between The Thumb And Index Finger (LI4)

Back Of The Neck (GB 20)

Here Are 3 Pressure Points For High Bp

1. Between The Big Toe And Second Toe (LV3)Foot Acupressure Points- Activ LivingThis point is called the LV3 or Liver 3 and is located at the origin of the two toes, the big toe and the second toe. Pressing this point for a minute daily can help lower blood pressure as well as have other benefits like treating menstrual pains and anxiety. 

2. Between The Thumb And Index Finger (LI4) Hand Acupressure Points- Activ LivingThis point is called the Large Intestine 4 or LI4. Place pressure on the webbing between your index finger and thumb to lower blood pressure and ease chronic pains. Applying pressure on this point helps treat toothaches, sinus and skin problems but also can induce labour prematurely in pregnant women. 

3. Back Of The Neck (GB 20) Neck Acupressure Points- Activ LivingThis point is called the Gallbladder 20 or GB 20 and is found on the two points at the base of your skull. Place your hands on both sides of your vertebrae and apply pressure with your thumbs at the back of your head for a minute. 

Apart from these acupressure points for blood pressure, if you can even go on the Activ Living Blogs Section page to watch yoga tutorials to try at home. You can take a fitness check-up offered by Health Insurance for BP and keep a regular tab on your blood pressure with the Activ Living Blood Pressure calculator.



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