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5 Home Remedies Natural Treatment for Asthma Attack Emergency

Asthma is a condition that could be getting harder to manage with the rising pollution levels across the country. During the lockdown, you might need some emergency home remedies for asthma to protect yourself from an asthma attack. 

What Could Trigger an Asthma Attack?

An asthma attack could be set off from something within your home like pet hair or dust to even elements of the environment like bad weather, pollution, or smoke from burning grass or wood. It is important to understand what triggers an asthma attack and try to avoid it.

Home Remedy for Asthma Attack Emergencies

How can home remedies help? 

There is no home remedy for asthma that is a completely proven cure. It is better to take your regular medication. However, if you need quick relief from symptoms then you could try home remedies. They can help in treating asthma while reducing the number of pills you take and improve their effectiveness. 

Home Remedies for Asthma Attacks you can Try:

1. Practice breathing exercises and mindfulness 

Breathing exercises for emergency asthma attack

Learn breathing techniques like belly breathing and pursed-lip breathing. These techniques help you regulate your breathing and prevent an asthma attack even while engaging in activities that cause asthma. Meditating and practicing yoga daily, help you focus on your breathing, and improve your overall fitness.  

2. Increase caffeine intake 

Benefits of caffeine for emergency asthma attack

Warm caffeinated drinks like cocoa, coffee, black tea, or green tea can help open up a congested system. Caffeine has many similarities to theophylline, which is medically used to open up the airways in the lungs of asthma patients.

3. Include ginger and garlic in your diet

Ginger and Garlic benefits for emergency asthma attack

Ginger and Garlic, both have anti-inflammatory properties that open up your respiratory tract. You could add ginger to your tea if you don’t already. While garlic is a tasty addition to many dishes you cook at home. 

4. Use turmeric and honey 

Benefits of Honey and Turmeric for emergency asthma attack

Honey can soothe your throat and prevent coughs. Turmeric has strong anti-allergy properties and can prevent allergies that worsen your asthma. Add these two ingredients in your daily diet as effective home remedies for asthma

5. Steam your face 

Steaming your face for emergency asthma attack

Steaming can clear nasal and chest congestion. Steam treatment is not specifically for asthma but it can provide moisture to your respiratory system and clear accumulated mucus.  

How to use home remedies in emergency asthma attacks?

In case of a sudden asthma attack, it would be best to call for medical help. However, you can try breathing techniques and drink warm tea or coffee. Some more emergency home remedies for asthma attacks include standing or sitting upright and taking a puff from the inhaler/reliever every 60 seconds until medical help arrives.  

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