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7 Alkaline Foods And Diet Plan

A balanced diet and consumption of healthy food is the one-stop solution to lead a healthy lifestyle. In order to attain this sense of well-being, one must partake in a holistic diet that has the right pH balance of acid and alkaline food

Here’s What You Should Know:

  • How do alkaline foods work?
  • Benefits of Alkaline foods in your diet
  • 7 alkaline-rich foods

How Do Alkaline Foods Work?

The stomach releases gastric acids during the process of digestion to break the food into small particles. While the stomach has a pH balance that ranges from 2.0-3.5 which is considered highly acidic, an unhealthy lifestyle and poor food habits can lead to acidity or acid reflux. Thus, it is important to incorporate alkaline-rich food into your diet.

Benefits Of Alkaline Foods In Your Diet

One of the most important benefits of alkaline foods is that it protects bone density and muscle mass. While a high acid level in the body can cause inflammation, an alkaline diet can boost immune functions and reduce swelling and redness. By including alkaline in your diet plan, it helps in preventing obesity by lowering the level of leptin and also helps in eliminating toxins from the body.

7 Alkaline-Rich Foods

Take a look at a versatile list of alkaline-forming foods to include in your diet:

1. Vegetables:

Eat vegetables like your life depends on it. Rich in protein and nutrients, Broccoli helps in boosting the alkaline formation in the body. Lightly cooked red onions also help in increasing the alkaline level. Green leafy vegetables like spinach and basil are also rich in vitamin K and vitamin A, with antioxidant effects.

Alkaline-Rich Vegetables- Activ Living2. Fruits:

Add a dash of colour to your diet with fruits. Tomatoes are the most alkaline when they are consumed in the raw state. Avocado is rich in nutrients and is healthy for the heart. Watermelons have an alkaline-forming effect, thus reducing the risk of diseases or illness. 


Alkaline-Rich Fruits- Activ Living3. Nuts:

Grabbing a handful of almonds every morning helps in preserving your health. Walnuts, chestnuts and sunflower seeds can enrich your alkaline diet. Since almonds are rich in magnesium, it helps in alkaline formation. 


Alkaline Rich Nuts- Activ Living4. Lemons:

Why do we always resort to a lemonade during acid reflux? Because they help in digestion and they support the liver in detoxing the body.


Benefits of lemon- Activ Living5. Garlic and Ginger:

Adding a tablespoon of garlic or ginger to your regular meals can help in increasing immunity. It possesses anti-bacterial effects.


Benefits of garlic- Activ Living6. Mushrooms:

Mushrooms can improve the pH balance and promote the level of alkalinity. They are also rich in nutrients and can be added as a supplement in your diet. 


Health benefits of Mushroon- Activ Living7. Beverages:

Quench your thirst with refreshing beverages like herbal tea or coconut water that have high alkaline value. They can help in preventing diabetic complications and lowers blood pressure. 


Benefits of Herbal Tea- Activ LivingHealth is wealth. So, turn to alkaline diets to add life to your years. 


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