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Things You Need To Know About Fasting This Shravan Month


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Shravan is an age-old tradition that has been observed by Indians all over the country since time immemorial. It spans over a month and is chiefly supposed to be in the honour of Lord Shiva.

As this festival commences in August, you will find many devotees of Lord Shiva getting ready with religious offerings to dedicate to the Lord. Apart from prayers and other rituals, one other tradition that is followed during Shravan is that of fasting.

Many individuals observe fasts throughout this time. Mondays are believed to be the days that are dedicated to Lord Shiva. These are also the chosen days to fast on during this month-long ritualistic festival.

The philosophy behind fasting is to develop the quality of discretion and preservation. Another benefit of observing these fasts is that your body gets completely cleansed and flushes out all the toxins that are accumulated over time. The result of this a refreshed, rejuvenated feeling that people can enjoy as the green carpet is unfolded by the cool rains.

As Shravan inspires good health, here are a few foods to help you add nourishment to Somvar Vrat. Read on to know about the three foods to eat and three others to avoid during this fasting season.

3 Foods To Eat During Shravan :


Soaked sago popularly known as Sabudana is a food that can be eaten in different types of preparations. From Sabudana Vada to Sabudana Khichdi, this is the most popular food during fasts as it makes for a wholesome meal and keeps you full for longer.


Fox nuts or Makana is a light snack that is generally eaten as a healthy food. During the fasting season, you can prepare a Kheer with it. This sweet dish is equally heavy and healthy and can be consumed as hot or cold according to your preference.


Potatoes make for the easiest and most popularly consumed food item during this fasting season. This root vegetable can be included in several food preparations. It is a favourite snack as you can eat it both and fried and takes less amount of time to prepare.

3 Foods Not To Eat During Shravan :


According to many Puranas (ancient texts), this vegetable is supposed to be completely avoided during the fasting season. Another reason to support this argument is that stormy weather tends to spoil this vegetable.

Dairy Products

Milk and milk products can cause a certain amount of disbalance while detoxifying your body, which is why they should be offered to Shiva and not consumed. Another ritualistic reason to avoid them is that they are sourced from an animal.

Alcohol and Non-Veg

It is a festival which occurs at a time where the environment around us is completely cleaned. At such a time, when you are cleansing your body, avoiding both meat and intoxicants will only boost your health.

Following the above will allow you to maintain a Satvik or simple, austere diet and enjoy the Shravan festival to its fullest.


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