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5 Healthy Alternatives To Raksha Bandhan Sweets


Raksha Bandhan Sweets Recipes Infographic - Activ Together

5 Homemade Sweets For Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is a time for siblings to get together, tie the Rakhi, exchange gifts, and of course enjoy lots of sweets. Indian sweets are renowned for their delicious taste and flavour. But they also have a reputation for being loaded with sugar and ghee. It is not great for anyone who is watching their calorie intake to have only two options: undo all their hard work of staying off sugar or miss out on all the fun of the festive season. With these treats, there is now a third option that is both healthy and delicious. By using practically no sugar and minimal ghee or oil, these sweets can satisfy any cravings and keep the calories off. Sweetened with fresh or dried fruit, all these alternatives to traditional sweets are easy to prepare and don’t need too many ingredients. These sweets can be enjoyed guilt-free by the whole family.


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