Sit Smart, Work Smart

Surely you’ve heard the term – Work Smart – thrown around the workplace all too often. But, just a few of us know that working smart starts with something that is as simple as sitting right. Here are seven tips that will help you sit right:-

Reduce the screen glare
Start off by adjusting the tilt of your monitor to reduce the glare on your computer screen. Just make sure your screen is at least 50 centimetres away from your eyes and position the monitor in such a way that you’re looking at it at a slight downward tilt.

Give your eyes a break
Take an eye break every 40 minutes; make sure you look away from the screen for at least 3-5 minutes.

Relax your shoulders
Don’t strain or weigh down your shoulders while sitting. Keep them relaxed and you’ll see a big difference.

Get your posture right
Good posture while sitting means that the angle between your trunk and thighs is 90-120 degrees.

good-posture-seatingElbows angles are important
Your elbows should form a 90-120 degree angle when using the keyboard. Anything more or less will add undue pressure on them. Keeping the mouse close to the keyboard will help you maintain the right angle.

Stop the twist
Make sure you place all those important documents close to you. Turning around while sitting at your desk is not good for your spine.

Stay grounded
Keep both your feet firmly on the ground at all times. It reduces the pressure on your lower back.

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