3 Fitness Apps to Make Workouts Fun

Let’s be honest, a warm bed on a cold morning (or any morning for that matter) is so much more appealing than slipping into your running shoes that are just begging to be used.

Aside from the notebook full of excuses we have ready when it comes to avoiding exercise, it’s sometimes just the monotony of our exercise routines that are to blame. Since we all need that extra push, the wonderful world of smartphone applications has come to our rescue.

So, to help you get back to sweating it out, at the gym or wherever you may find yourself for a workout, we have 3 smartphone apps that will make your exercise routine a lot more interesting.

1. Zombies, Run!

For iOS
For Android

While some may find running meditative and even therapeutic, there are those that also find it extremely dull; a mundane task. Zombies, Run! may sound like a ridiculous name for a training app but it cleverly combines storytelling with exercise to create an authentically fun way to start exercising.


As Runner 5, a survivor of a zombie apocalypse, the app sends you on ‘missions’ to gather supplies and intel about the outbreak. With music from your pre-compiled playlist, Zombies, Run! is extremely engaging. The included zombie chases will even push you to run faster to escape an approaching hoard; perfect for interval runners!

Don’t let the concept of zombies chasing you deter you from this app, it’s pure brilliance and certain to have you sprinting into action.

2. Superhero Workout

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For Android

Superhero Workout is yet another fantastic exercise app from Six to Start. The well-accepted 7 Minute Workout app adds a fine gaming element that makes your work-out extremely fun.

In Superhero Workout you protect the earth against an invasion with the use of a unique mechanical battle suit. To save humanity, you must complete various exercises in order to activate weapons, shields, and various other cool abilities.


The likes of a camera-activated motion tracker, which helps measure the calories you burn and counts your reps, add to the usability and functionality of this app. Sync it up to your Apple TV or Chromecast and watch the action unfold on the big screen.

If you’re looking for motivation for a full-body workout, stop looking. Now you can get that ‘Superhero’ physique and save the planet.

3. BattleSuit Runner Fitness (Free/Paid)


Another story-based running app, BattleSuit Runner Fitness, is one that is very similar to Zombies, Run! This time, however, get ready to protect the earth from hostile alien invaders. Speed up or slow down to activate the different features of your battle suit, which assists you in your defence against the invaders. A unique element of BattleSuit Runner is the choice components that add tons of intrigue to the experience.

At certain points in your missions, you’ll be given choices – help the hostages back to safety (slow down), or chase after the enemy (speed up). As different choices have different results, you’ll never know what to expect next.


You can even boost your armour by completing tasks that will aid you in your combat encounters against enemy aliens.
While the design of the app isn’t much to write home about, the audio-narrated missions are interesting enough to capture the attention of anybody who’s looking for that extra push.

By adding gamification and pop-culture elements to exercising, these apps offer you fitness opportunities that go beyond the basics. They’ll also help keep you interestingly distracted making a standard fitness regimen so much more entertaining.

Sourced from – Lifehack


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