Working-out with asthma

There’s no excuse or replacement for a good work out; those who want to stay fit know this all too well. Considering the poor lifestyle choices we sometimes make and the improper diet we sometimes subject ourselves to, workout routines should be a daily practice for everyone who wants to stay healthy. That being said, asthma patients suffer a lot due to their illness and a workout may, in some cases, worsen the situation. Given the fear of several potential asthma triggers, this article is dedicated to asthma patients and their workout regimes.


As per the recent survey, it has been proved that asthma triggers are most common in people who are not aware of the asthma symptoms and preventive measures. So, we highly recommend that you consult a doctor for the basic knowledge of the disease you suffer from and know what to do when it affects you. Apart from this, all asthma patients must follow some regular exercises to keep them fit and healthy. Here are few you can try out daily, but pay close attention to your breathing while you are exercising and don’t overdo it.

Note:- Asthmatics have to be very cautious while exercising and if you experience any suffocation or breathing problems then please stop the work out immediately and consult your doctor. Be sure to carry your inhalers with you when you are going out for a workout; it could be a lifesaver if anything goes wrong. This goes for caregivers and family members of asthmatic patients as well, who can also choose to monitor the exercises or partake in them.


Swimming is a great exercise that stretches your body completely. It’s also a really a great workout for asthmatics. Excessive strain on your body may be a potential asthma trigger so be sure to take breaks in between laps if you begin to feel breathless. It’s also a great way to burn off those extra calories so it’s also highly recommended for asthmatics looking to lose a few kilos. For parents of asthmatic children who like swimming, always ensure that you keep an eye on the child when they’re in the water.



Walking is considered one of the best exercises. Whether you’re young or old, this time-tested exercise is proven to get the job done. Since this is not as stressful on your lungs as jogging or running, it makes it perfect for asthmatics. A 30-40 minute walk helps improve blood circulation and lung functions. Walking outdoors will also help you breathe in some much needed fresh air. You can always stop to catch your breath should you feel the need to do so.


Boxing, Karate, Gymnastics

Karate or boxing won’t drain too much energy, but be sure to take it easy and not overdo it as the adrenaline kicks in. Increase your workout gradually till you reach a point that you’re comfortable with and can still make you break a sweat.Consistency is the key with these fun workout programs so don’t begin with a bang and then let it fizzle out within the week. Inform your coach/ trainer of your condition so they can monitor your progress and keep you within safe parameters while you’re working out.



A sound soul can make a great body. Many consider yoga a great workout for both your mind and body. The practice of deep breathing while holding yoga poses is a fantastic exercise for asthmatics as it helps develop stamina by increasing your lung capacity. A daily yoga workout, for at least 20-30 minutes will help bring out the best in you. There’s a lot to be said for breathing right; get more information from our post here.


It’s always better to consult a physician for the best advice on working out with asthma. Run these work out routines by them before you begin to make sure they’re on board with your new program.

Asthma can potentially be a deadly disease, but by taking proper care of your condition you’ll have nothing to worry about. Remember, being an asthma patient doesn’t mean that you should miss out on life; just take the necessary precautions and always carry your medication and inhaler with you.


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