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6 Tips For Your Post Dinner Routine

Anupriya Kapur is a fitness blogger who is actively involved in helping more people, especially moms, get healthier.

Sleep plays an extremely important role in our wellbeing. Good quality sleep is as essential to our health as eating well and exercising. Without sleep, we feel tired during the day, are less focused, and our productivity drops.

If we are having trouble sleeping, then a few post dinner rituals could help us unwind and improve the quality of our sleep. We will recommend some rituals for a good night’s rest and better overall wellbeing.

These Tips Will Help You get Better Sleep

Taking A Walk:

About 15 minutes after having your dinner, take a twenty-minute walk instead of sitting on the sofa. The exercise will not only help you digest your meal faster but will also tire you out a little so that you can fall asleep faster.

Green Tea:

Brew a calming cup of green tea for yourself and enjoy it peacefully after dinner to help your body relax.

Soothing Music:

Instead of sitting with your cell phone or computer, put on soothing music or listen to some chants to help you unwind.

Yoga poses:

Yoga poses help the body to digest food better making the stomach feel lighter.

Try These Simple Poses Before Bedtime To Improve Your Sleep:


Sit on the floor and then fold both your knees so that the lower half of your legs is under your body. Place your hands on your lap, keep your back straight, and take a few deep breaths. This is one of the most beneficial yoga poses to do after dinner.


Fold your right leg so that the ankle is near the left hip. Then fold your left leg over your right leg making sure that your knees touch each other. Place one hand behind your back from the side and the other from over your shoulder and stretch enough so that they can hold each other. Hold this pose for a few seconds before letting go.

Add these tips to your post-dinner routine and see the difference as they start to improve your sleep quality and your whole day.