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Healthy Family Lunch Ideas

Healthy Family Lunch Ideas - Activ Together

In this fast-paced world where work, studies and other activities are necessary to gain knowledge and experience, healthy eating habits are neglected. When you are hungry and busy you tend to pick up junk food and aerated drinks like soda or cola and move along. The myth says that healthy food takes a lot of time to cook and Indian recipes are not that healthy. However, Indian foods can be prepared in a way that they have the right amount of proteins and carbs to power you up for the day and are also easy to cook.

Try these recipes and ingredients to make your family lunch healthier

  1. Home-Made Fast Food:

    Anyone can make juicy burgers and pizzas at home. When making burger patties use quinoa instead of potatoes or meat. It is not only a good protein source but gives the essential amino acids and fibre to the body. You can also substitute the patty with egg patty if you prefer non-veg. Substitute the bread used in fast food with multigrain bread and add a lot of veggies to pizza toppings. Use mozzarella cheese in a small serving to complete the dish.

  1. Combinations Of Rice Dishes:

    Dishes like vegetable pulao can be paired with Raita or curd. You can also add chickpeas to the rice and it will become your portion of protein for the day. Adding yoghurt or curd to the meal helps in digesting the food and is a source of protein. Chicken curry with rice is not only mouth-watering but can be made easily without marinating the chicken before. Egg curries also provide protein to balance the meal.

  1. Dals And Beans:

    Eating dal does not stop at the regular yellow dal. There are a lot of varieties commonly available in grocery stores. They are not only easy to make but are really tasty when cooked with a tadka. Urad dal, mung dal, chana dal and many other dals provide enough nutrients to get you going through the day. A dish like dal makhni, made with urad dal and rajma is popular among people who crave for tasty and healthy food. One of the most loved dishes among Indians, rajma served with rice or chapatis is a good option for a filling, healthy lunch. 

  1. South Indian Delicacies:

    South Indian dishes like dosa, idli and uttapam can be made with a variety of vegetables like carrots, beetroot, cabbage and even broccoli. You can add many colourful veggies in these recipes to change their taste and flavour. Also, the sambhar served with these dishes is made with toor dal that completes the meal, providing proteins, iron and potassium. Many south Indian recipes use chicken and prawns that provide proteins and carbs in a balanced form.

 You can experiment with different high fibre and high protein ingredients in regular dishes to make them healthy options for your family.