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Vegan Options For Milk Products

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Starting a vegan diet can mean starting a search for different ingredients to your favorite recipes. After all, milk and other milk products are required to prepare most foods. Fortunately, there are a number of ways vegans can replace dairy in their diet.

Milking The Opportunity

Removing cow or goat’s milk from your diet can make you realise the number of alternatives out there. They’ve got a real unique taste too! Chai with almond milk, for example, packs a real punch. Other than almond milk, you can also try milk made from soy, cashew, and rice. Look for them in the supermarket, order them from various start-ups online, or make them at home.

Setting The Curd Substitute

Lovers of curd don’t need to worry when they go on a vegan diet. You can prepare equally creamy dahi from soaked peanuts and soaked rice. There are great versions to make from coconut milk, oat milk, and seeds. You can also choose to opt-out of learning the curd-making process: just buy vegan curd instead. Choose from readymade products and vegan starter cultures that you can use to make curd in one simple step.

Butter Alternatives

Sourcing butter from ingredients other than milk is quite easy. There’s the crowd favorite, peanut butter, which you can find at a lot of stores or make at home. Almond butter and cashew butter have lovely flavours to try as well. For a time-efficient route, there are a number of companies that make artisanal vegan butter you’ll find at flea markets, retail chains and on the Internet.

Keep It Fancy

You can still follow recipes that have ingredients like ghee, cheese, and paneer. Simply replace ghee with melted vegan butter. For ghee that needs to be used at high temperatures, you can substitute ghee with coconut oil instead. There are quite a few recipes you can refer to that use cashew, garlic and other ingredients to make cheese. Tofu is a good alternative to dishes with paneer. Dishes that are baked, meanwhile, don’t have to be missed out on either! Aquafaba, or the brine of chickpeas, is a good replacement for cream and acts as a great binding agent too. Keep it cool with vegan ice-cream made from coconut milk, or try chocolate prepared with cacao, cacao butter, and maple syrup.

Try all the options available so you can figure out which works best! Dairy alternatives have different flavours and finding what pairs well with each recipe can be exciting. You can start creating milk substitutes at home, look for them at your local store, or sign up for a vegan workshop in your city for extra support.