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Get Diet And Exercise Back On Track After Festivities

Get Diet And Exercise Back On Track- Active Together

The Diwali festivities are finally done, and life is getting back to normal. However, feasting on all the goodies and going on vacation, can make it hard to get back on track with your fitness routine. Every day you might decide that you will start taking your walks again, or you will go to the gym, but it never happens. You tell yourself that next week you will do a 24-hour fast, to detox from all the rich food, but when the time comes you completely forget. Days and weeks pass, and getting back to being fit becomes harder and harder.

Luckily, just making a few, quick changes will get you back to being fit in no time. These tips will help you to gradually ease yourself back into eating healthier and getting more exercise, so that you can lose the post festival weight and continue on your journey to good health and wellbeing.

Back On Track Tips

Eat Smart:

Many people think that to compensate for overeating during the festive week, they need to start skipping meals. But this is not a good strategy especially for the long term. Starving yourself only makes you more prone to binge eating. When you get too hungry and can’t force yourself to not eat anymore you tend to overeat. The trick is to eat all your meals at the right time and stop just before you start to feel full. Don’t skip meals but eat nutritious food, lots of vegetables and cut out sugar and fast foods.

Start Slow:

When getting back to your exercise routine, don’t try and push yourself too hard. Remember that your body has been on a break so you might not be able to get back to where you were right away. If you were running 4 km on the treadmill before the break, start by running 2 Km and see how you feel. If you can keep going, then do it, if not, then increase your distance gradually over the next few days till you are back to your usual run time.

Get Enough Sleep:

Along with all the festivities come parties and late nights. Both your mind and body will be exhausted after a week of indulgence and one of the fastest ways to get back to normal is by catching up on your sleep. Make sure to go to bed early and get at least seven hours of sleep. Enough sleep will give you more energy so that you can be more active during the day and do your daily exercise as well.

Be Consistent:

Take small steps every day; have a salad along with your lunch, go for a short walk or run, and go to bed half an hour earlier. What is important is that you be consistent and do something for your health every day. If you sleep late one night, make sure to get to bed on time the next night. Keep going, and good health will soon be a habit.

A few actions in the right direction will set you on the path to getting over the festive indulgences and back to leading a normal healthy life.


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