5 reasons why Maternity Insurance in India is Important

Maternity is a crucial time not just for a mother, but for the entire family. After all, quality maternity care is quite necessary for a safe delivery ensuring the health of both, the mother as well as the newborn.

In some cases, good quality maternity care and treatment is available at private hospitals throughout the country, but rearing a child is still going to be an expensive affair. This is the reason why a well-constructed maternity insurance plan won’t just help in easing off the rising costs of child care, but can also let you cherish the joyous moments of your family life without any stress.

Maternity Insurance Is Important

So, why is it so important to get a maternity cover in India? Well, here are 5 important reasons:-

1. Maternity insurance acts as a financial backup with its exclusive benefits

This insurance covers expenses related to both delivery options – normal as well caesarian delivery. So, no matter what type of delivery is required, you and your husband know that you won’t be stressed out about finances.

5 reasons why Maternity Insurance in India is Important

In addition, some policies also cover pre as well as post-hospitalization wherein all kinds of pre-hospitalisation expenses, up to 30 days before hospitalisation and 60 days post hospitalisation, are taken care of. Further, medical costs such as surgeon’s fees, doctor and anaesthetist consultation, nursing and room charges are also included.

2. Delivery in Private Hospitals is Expensive

These days, people seem to prefer private hospitals. Every couple and family look for quality healthcare which is the reason why private hospitals are in high demand. However, these hospitals are quite expensive. The cost of a normal delivery in private hospital could cost anywhere between Rs. 60,000 to 80,000 and for a caesarian the rate goes up by an additional Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000. Besides, as pregnancy complications are highly unpredictable you never know when and what affects the bottom line cost. This is where insurance policies with maternity benefits act as a soothing balm.

Maternity Insurance is Important - Aditya Birla Health Insurance

3. The insurance policies with maternity benefits cover the newborn baby from day 1

Normally, health insurance policies do not cover newborn babies in their plan till they are 90 days old. However, insurance policies with a maternity advantage cover the newborn baby right from the day they are born. Some of these policies even include vaccination charges for the newborn with a cover right till the end of the policy year, without any extra charges.

Importance of Maternity Insurance

4. It prepares the couple for any complications directly proportional to huge costs

In the case of complications like a premature birth, a newborn needs to be kept in an incubator in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for at least 20 days. The cost per day can go up to about Rs. 10,000 amounting to Rs 2, 00,000. These are unforeseen circumstances that can be made more stressful because of the cost. With a good maternity insurance policy, you could find some relief from the financial stress as it would cover most of the finances. Some policies offer coverage for the newborn baby if he/she has a critical illness or is found to suffer from a congenital disorder.

Why is Maternity Insurance necessary?

5. Maternity insurance helps a couple to start a family without any financial burden

Most couples now days take the time to plan their baby because of the financial expense that comes with the having and raising a child. Now, with insurance covers that come with sub-limits (1 to 4 years depending on the insurer), you can plan for a baby without financial burden. Nevertheless, the medical costs for delivery are escalating with each passing day.

There are several insurance companies that offer insurance with maternity benefits under its family floater options. However, opting for a separate maternity insurance coverage is a better alternative.