4 Diabetes Myths

Diabetes Myths And Misconceptions - Activ TogetherThe number of people being diagnosed with diabetes is on the rise and so are the myths surrounding the condition.

Here, We Help You Break Some Common Mis-beliefs To Help You Manage Diabetes Better.

Diabetes Is Not A Serious Disease:

You cannot afford to take diabetes lightly. It is one of the most common chronic  health problems in India.  But this doesn’t mean that life comes to an end once you are diagnosed with it. In fact, I suggest that you don’t wait to get diagnosed with diabetes, to take it seriously. This is especially true for people who are at high risk of developing diabetes.

If You Are Overweight Or Obese, You Will Eventually Develop Type-2 Diabetes:

People, who have a genetic propensity, are overweight, follow a sedentary lifestyle, and are suffering from hypertension should not wait for diabetes to be diagnosed and then take control measures.

People With Diabetes Should Completely Eliminate Sugar, Starchy Foods Like Rice And Potato From Their Diet:

Even if you are diagnosed with diabetes, there is no need to completely eliminate anything from your diet. What you presently eat—the type and quality, your activity and stress levels and your weight will primarily determine the number of calories you need, which will be the basis for your diet plan. Control and moderation are the keywords. Indian foods like upma are really good for diabetes control.

Once I Begin To Take Medicines To Control Sugar, My Diabetes Will Always Be Under Control And I Won’t Have To Visit The Doctor:

Taking medicines does not eliminate the need for regular monitoring and consulting the doctor. In fact, the need increases because the doctor will need to evaluate how your body is responding to the medicines and will accordingly alter the dosage.

Health and fitness blogs like this can tell you all you need to know about chronic illness and lifestyle conditions and help you learn  the ABC of Diabetes.

(This article is authored by Dr. Sudhindra Kulkarni and first appeared on https://www.practo.com/healthfeed/common-myths-about-diabetes-11094/post)


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