10 Tips To Protect Yourself From Air Pollution

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With the wind carrying smoke and dust along with it, there is no escape from ignoring the problem of air pollution. It is ever existing especially in metro cities which face high percentages of rural migration who then fall prey to this phenomenon.

Here Are A Few Ways To Save Yourself From Air Pollution

1) Cover Your Nose And Mouth When In Polluted Spaces

Whenever you’re passing by an area which is highly polluted, resort to using a handkerchief or a mask to cover your air-passages (nose and mouth) so that the polluted air doesn’t find its way into your system.

2) Refrain From Smoking

Smoking causes lung cancer and hence is an active factor contributing to air pollution. Hence, one must refrain from it. Also, indoor smoking causes tobacco smoke to be trapped within a room, affecting all individuals within that room; may they be smokers or non-smokers. So the next time you find someone smoking indoors, make sure you prevent them from it and create awareness regarding this issue.

3) Air Purifying Plants

Plants like Ivy, Spider plant and Aloe Vera help purify air and hence, it’s a smart choice to place these in your home and office.

4) Ventilation

To avoid air pollution within your home, make sure you have a well functioning chimney in your kitchen and an exhaust in your bathroom. This will ensure the circulation of air.

5) Take Steam Regularly

Try to take steam with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in every day in the evening, to relax your air passages and help your body remove harmful particles stuck amid there.

6) Jaggery Intake

Increase your jaggery intake as this will help cleanse your lungs from various pollutants. You can do this by complementing the addition of sugar in various foods with jaggery as an extra ingredient.

7) Work-Out In The Mornings Or Evenings

The amount of air pollution increases when the rays of the sun are out. Hence, it is advisable to work-out either early in the morning or in the evening after sunset. If you aren’t an outdoor person but are still eager to work-out, you can do it either at your own home or at a nearby gym instead.

8) Use Public Transport Whenever You Can

By using public transport options for the purpose of daily commute, you are not only reducing the traffic on the roads but also playing a vital part in preserving mother earth! This small act can make a huge difference in preventing air pollution.

9) Increase Vitamin-A And Beta-Carotene Intake

Foods rich with Vitamin A and beta-carotene assist the formation and maintenance of mucous membranes that protect the air passage and the intestinal tract from potential infection. Butter, margarine, sweet potatoes, carrots and liver are examples of such foods.

10) Refrain From Burning Wood Or Trash

Burning firewood/trash/plastic releases non-environment friendly gases, which contribute highly to the increase in air pollution. Especially affecting those surrounding the bonfire.

Pollution is a constantly lingering fear and the cause of multiple diseases and illnesses like asthma, chest congestion etc. not only among humans but also among other life forms contributing to the biodiversity of the world. Start today by creating awareness among your family and friends about the above steps. Lead a healthy life today. We can only prevent it from becoming worse and also work now towards closing the chapter of global warming for good someday.


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