3 Household Chores That Burn Calories

Chores Are Exercises - Activ LivingHousehold chores are a part and parcel of modern life. While they tend to take up most of our time, did you know that just an hour’s chores in the house can also help you achieve the same amount of physical progress as much as exercise can?

Here Are A Few Chores That Can Get You Fit:


The forward and backward motion of your upper body during vacuuming is a great exercise for your abdominal muscles (abs). Apart from this, it also trains your triceps and you’re ought to see better results if you flex throughout the cleaning. Vacuuming will help you burn approximately 190 calories per hour.
A better way to fasten the progress is by moving your furniture around during the cleaning. This will ensure a cleaner house, along with some weight training!


Next time you sweep or mop your floor, make sure you squat rather than bend when you’re trying to reach the corners that need cleaning. However, to reach better heights in your fitness game, make sure you flex your abdominal muscles too and make sure you keep changing your arms while at the task as favouring one side will increase the chances of muscular imbalance, leading to pain. This activity would help you burn around 198 calories and will reduce your guilt of the weekend cheat meal.

Cleaning Windows:

If it has been a long time since you cleaned your windows, then take it up as an activity to work both your left and right arm muscles. Make sure you keep changing hands in order to avoid any unnecessary pain caused due to muscular imbalance as mentioned earlier. Moving your hands in a circular motion while cleaning your windows is a smart way to reach closer to your goal. You’ll be burning approximately 180 calories through this exercise!

So the next time you get a day to yourself, make sure you make optimum use of it in terms of building some muscle and also in cleaning up your space. Look at chores as opportunities to stay away from any kind of critical illnesses and the bonus lies in the fact that they’re only a natural part of your daily lifestyle!


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