10 Tips To Allergy Proof Your Home

Allergy Proof House - Activ LivingIf you are prone to allergies or suffer from Asthma, you need to take certain precautions to prevent allergic reactions. While you can’t change your environment, taking preventive measures will help you to avoid some health issues. The first step is to make your home allergy-proof.

Here Are A Few Steps To Make Your Home Clean And Allergy-Free

Washing Your Mattress:

Your mattress is prone to dust, mites and molds. You need to get rid of these potential allergy-causing agents. So, its essential that your mattress undergoes the wash cycle often.


The corners in your home are where most allergy-causing agents are found. These corners can be a threat to your health. Regularly vacuuming your home will help you get rid of these agents. Don’t forget to wear a mask while vacuuming so that you don’t inhale the bacteria or dust.


The air you breathe at your home may contain air-borne bacteria. To avoid this, you must install exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. This reduces bacterial formation caused by excess humidity at your home.

Clearing Scraps:

While eating, we often drop food or scraps on the floor. These can increase the formation of bacteria or acquire fungus over time. Clean the floor and get rid of food crumbs and spillage.

Clean Washroom:

Wet bathroom walls and floor are other surfaces where molds tends to grow. Many people don’t use exhaust fans in their washroom. Often, bad odour carries bacteria which can make you sick. Clean the washroom floor and walls with disinfectants as often as possible. Don’t forget to switch the exhaust fan on every time you use the washroom.

Clearing Air Filters:

If you use air coolers or ACs at home, make sure you clean their filters regularly as dust and bacteria slowly accumulate, causing you to breath impure air.  You must clean these filters regularly to ensure dust-free environment.


Dust particles appear on surfaces almost all the time. You must clean hard surfaces with a dry cloth or a mop every day. Avoid using a feathered mop as it may cause the dust particles to mix in the air.

Dead Skin From Pets:

If you own pets, you need to be more careful. Dead skin from pets called dander and body fluids like saliva, stools or urine carry harmful bacteria that may cause an allergic reaction. Take your pets outdoor for bathing and don’t forget to brush their fur/skin on a regular basis to avoid allergies.

Get Rid Of Clutter:

We often tend to collect a lot of things that we think are important. Overloading your home may cause the growth of harmful viruses, pests, and accumulation of dust particles. As a habit, try and get rid of everything unwanted and declutter your living environment.

Cleaning Drawers And Cabinets:

Unclean drawers and cabinets can result in the growth of pests and termites. It is important to clean cupboards, drawers and cabinets regularly to ensure a clean home.

Following these steps will help you to protect yourself from health ailments and any unfortunate situations at home and save you from a doctor’s visit due to unwanted allergies.


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