4 Remedies to Prevent Heat Strokes in Summer

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Ways to Cope with Increasing Heat in Summer
Soaring temperatures and intense heat, especially during summers can spell trouble for your body. This can result in a serious medical condition, called heat stroke. In medical matters, prevention is better than cure.

Following are Ways to Handle Heat & Prevent Heat Strokes in Summer

Wear Summer Friendly Clothing

Dress according to the weather. It is best to wear light, loose-fitting, pale colored clothing, preferably made of cotton or linen during the summer. Such fabrics allow air to circulate and help keep the body cool and ventilated. It is also a good idea to cover your head with a cap or a scarf for added protection. You should wear minimum layers of clothing. The excess fabric could cause the body to heat up. Besides, you would also feel uncomfortable with the burden of multiple layers of clothes! Tight clothing is also a no go as it hampers the ventilation and does not let your body cool

Drink Plenty of Water

With the heat rising, our bodies tend to sweat more leading to increased thirst. However, instead of opting for sweetened juices, it is best to go natural. Water, nimbu pani and coconut water are healthy substitutes for soda, tea, coffee or carbonated drinks. It is a good idea to carry a water bottle at all times, to stay well hydrated. In case of discomfort from the heat, you can keep a wet towel on the forehead, place your feet in cold water or take a cold shower. These are some sure shot ways to escape the adverse effects of the sun.

Ensure Minimum Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Plan your outdoor travel during the cooler part of the day, in the evening or after dark. In the event of unavoidable travel, it is best to stay in the shade, under the trees, or remain in covered areas like offices, shopping centers or air-conditioned places. To protect yourself from the heat, you can carry an umbrella and wear sunglasses. Use sunscreen before you step out into the sun to avoid sunburn. While indoors, draw the curtains during the day to avoid the direct heat of the sun. At night, open the windows to allow fresh air to enter the rooms for ventilation. The room you are in should have good air circulation with running fans. This way you can prevent the body temperature from rising.

Accept the Weather

There is not much choice in this. There is an adage ‘Adapt or perish’. You must adapt to the changing weather conditions. In case of severe heat, it is best to take rest and allow your body to adjust to the rising temperature. You should make changes to your daily routine, like leaving for your morning walk before sunrise. Last but not least, enjoy the positive aspects of summer. You get to drink refreshing juices, wear comfortable clothing, enjoy cold showers and soak in the warmth. Swimming is another great way to beat the heat! & care for your health It is advised to exercise caution and follow smart tips to prevent a heat stroke. Stay cool, stay safe!


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