How to Get a Good Sleep When Stressed

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Get a Good Sleep When Stressed
Do you feel very tired at the end of the day, but you’re too stressed to actually fall asleep? A large number of people are facing this problem today. Work stress, family worries, health problems – all of these can lead to trouble sleeping. In turn, not getting enough sleep increases stress levels and it becomes a harmful cycle with unhealthy effects. It becomes your priority reduce stress in order to look after your health If you regularly lie awake at night thinking about your problems and cannot manage to become relaxed,

Following are 4 Ways to Reduce Stress and Sleep Better

Put aside your phone

Sometimes when we are stressed, the best distraction is to pick up our phone and check work emails or go through social media. Doing this before bedtime however will only delay your sleep further. The blue light from phones, laptops and tablets wake your brain up. Instead of calming of you down so you can fall asleep, they make you even more alert and also give you more things to think about. So it is best to keep all screens away at least half an hour before going to bed,

Take a warm bath

You may think that a bath will make you feel fresher and wide awake, but that’s not always true. At the end of the day, a bath is the best way to calm and ease your body. It is also an activity that takes your mind off things while relaxing you. Going from a warm bath into your cooler bedroom causes a decrease in temperature which will make you feel sleepy and at rest. Try this as a daily routine.

Exercise Early in the Morning

Exercise helps to make the body’s rhythm and functions regularly. When done early in the morning, it sets the mood for the rest of your day, reducing stress due to higher energy levels and increased endorphins (mood-boosting hormones) in the brain. Exercise in the morning also ensures that you are not too energized close to your bedtime. This is why for some people, exercising in the evenings can actually cause trouble sleeping. Morning exercise, however, will cause your highest energy level to be at the beginning of the day, slowly reducing, and leaving you calm and sleepy by night.

Don’t drink coffee after 4 pm

After your afternoon coffee break, make sure that you do not consume caffeine again in the day. The effects of caffeine can last for a long time because caffeine stays in the body for 8-14 hours. Reduce the chances of coffee negatively affecting your sleep cycle by giving your body enough time to remove its caffeine content. It may be difficult for the first few days, but after a week of staying off evening caffeine, you will see great results! Stress may be a state of mind, but it can have several negative effects on the body. Sometimes even thinking about our troubles prevents us from sleeping. So, calm your body and mind and achieve a peaceful sleep with the tips above.


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