Asthma Control & Management Methods

Air pollution is increasing on a pace faster than one can imagine. As the world chokes under this rising air pollution, there is no denying the harmful effects it will introduce into our lives. It is time that we take measures to manage the increasing pollution levels and resulting respiratory problems. Asthma is one of the diseases which narrow your airways causing difficulty in breathing. Its your job to prevent asthma to take a toll on your health.

On this World Asthma Day, here is an infographic that sheds light on 4 effective ways to manage Asthma, a chronic disease, a common reality today.

Precautions to Control & Manage Asthma
Effective Ways to Manage & Control Asthma

4 Precautionary Tips to Manage & Control Asthma

  1. Air Conditioner

    – A smart way to avoid harmful dust particles from entering the home.

  2. Cover your Mouth and nose

    – preventive measures and precautions to be safe in the polluted air and climate.

  3. Cleanliness at home

    – Keeping everything clean and dust free to avoid contamination.

  4. Reduce Air pollution

    – Use Car pool or Public transport, to contribute a bit towards making atmosphere pollution free.

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