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Rainy Season Diseases: Their Symptoms and Prevention

The rainy season transforms barren land into places full of greenery and replenishes lakes and rivers. It is also a crowd favorite because it comes with an opportunity to sip on sweet cups of tea and munch on samosas as water plays melodious symphonies on our roofs.

While all these positives paint a rosy picture of the monsoon, there is always another, the negative side to it. The rains bring in extra moisture in the air, disrupt the cleanliness in our surroundings and increase the chances of contracting diseases. These ailments, better known as seasonal diseases spread quickly if proper precautions aren’t taken.

Here is a list of seasonal diseases in monsoon with their symptoms:


The rainy season is the time of temptations, especially when it comes to oily and unhealthy food items that are sold on roadside stalls. Most common of all rainy season illnesses, these infections start with common symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, fever and so on. They are caused due to the consumption of dirty water and poorly cooked, unhealthy food. Drinking boiled water and eating homemade food will help you to keep them at bay.


Traveling in the rains is quite a troublesome affair for many. You will often find yourself getting drenched on your way to work. Sitting in the AC wearing wet clothes can lead to severe cough, cold and finally results in viral fever. Keeping a separate set of clothes at the office and carrying your raincoats will help you to avoid catching a viral fever.


As it starts to rain, the chances of contamination increase as the water can get easily polluted. This polluted water, when consumed can cause symptoms such as muscle cramps, losing elasticity of skin, thirst and rapid heart rate. These are some of the symptoms of the deadly disease of Cholera. It can be easily avoided by keeping your surroundings clean and eliminating contaminated food and water from your diet.


When it rains heavily, water gets collected in several places and sometimes it stays there without any outlet for its flow. All the three diseases are caused by mosquitoes that breed in areas with such stagnated water. Joint pains, fever, rashes, weakness, and dizziness are some of the common symptoms of these three diseases. To stay away from the deadly bite, it is important for you to not allow any water to get stagnated in your surroundings and always carry a mosquito repellent lotion or cream with you.

Awareness of these illness goes along in their early diagnosis and proper treatment. An important thing to remember here is to always take proper precautions, especially during the rains. By following the tips mentioned above, you can ensure the proper treatment of these diseases if you happen to contract them. Critical Illness Insurance and Health Insurance Plans act as added layers of protection for your health. Now that you are aware of these seasonal diseases and their symptoms, you can better prepare yourself to avoid them in this rainy season.


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