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Top 3 Health Precaution Tips for Rainy Season in India

Health Precaution Tips for Rainy Season in India-Activ Together
Health Precaution Tips for Rainy Season in India

We Indians always celebrate the changing of seasons with enthusiasm; and, the arrival of monsoon is no exception. The rainy season brings with itself a much-needed relief from the prickly heat of the sun. Cool showers are welcomed by kids jumping into puddles, and adults trying to dodge them in order to avoid getting drenched while on their way to work.

The rains bring in a lot of refreshment to the environment around us. Infections and illnesses also tend to increase due to the lack of proper hygiene and poor immunity during this time. Advice such as ‘Try to avoid junk food during rains’ or ‘Keep your surroundings as dry as can be’ are quite common.  While they must be paid heed to, you should also consider opting for Health Insurance Plans for the added layer of protection to your health during rains.

Health Precaution Tips for Rainy Season:

Eat and Drink The Right Way

Airborne and waterborne diseases are most common in the rainy seasons. It becomes quite important then, for you to opt for the right kind of diet. Snacking on junk food like bhel and chat in heavy rains can cause illnesses due to the poor quality of water that is used in making such food items.

It is important for you to drink only boiled water at all times. This way you remain protected from any bad bacteria or viruses. Avoiding unhealthy and junk food at all costs and sticking to homemade food items is quite important. Extra spicy and overly oily food should also be avoided as it may cause irritation for your skin.

Build Your Immunity

Walking in rains can be tempting but it also increases the chances of contracting a cold or the flu. Staying dry at all times should become your top priority. Often times, you will find yourself getting drenched on the commute to your office. For the same reason, it is recommended to have a spare set of clothes in your workplace to help you stay dry. Meanwhile, avoiding the cool blast of AC when your clothes are soaking wet, and including Vitamin C in your diet will be of great help. Fruits like pineapples and papayas are rich in Vitamin C.

Opting for hot soups and herbal teas will help you keep yourself warm on the inside. Also taking warm showers or soaking your feet in warm water help to keep your body temperature steady as the temperatures outside fluctuate. People suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure should consider the above-mentioned tips as precautionary measures.

Keep Away from Dampness

Rains happen to be the breeding season of mosquitoes, which is why it is important for you to carry a mosquito repellent cream or lotion at all times. Maintaining good hygiene both indoors and outdoors becomes greatly important if you wish to enjoy the monsoon without falling ill.

These tips and precautions will equip you well enough to enjoy the beautiful monsoon season. Sometimes, it may so happen that in spite of taking precautions, you may contract an illness. At such times, curing it becomes equally important. Health insurance plans, you can stay assured and protect your health even when it gets cloudy outside.


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