How do Vegans Get Calcium?

The vegan diet trend is catching on!  This diet is purely plant-based & excludes all dairy products. Items like milk, cheese, curd are a rich source of calcium, which is vital for strong & healthy bones. A common concern area for vegans is how to get calcium in their diet.

Following are Some of the Calcium Rich Source of Food for Vegans

Go Green

Dark green and leafy vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, lady’s finger can provide the much-needed calcium for those on a vegan diet. Broccoli, often called a super food helps strengthen the bones. Many of these leafy vegetables can be used to make soup in the winter months. Certain greens like spinach, being high in oxalates, should be eaten alone as it hampers calcium absorption by the body. Kale, with its high calcium content, can be consumed as healthy, home-made chips. Sweet potato, a tuber, is packed with calcium content.

Go Nuts

Not literally! Nuts, beans and seeds are rich in calcium content. Besides, adding nuts like almonds can convert plain and boring salads into a tasty snack. Almond milk is a popular drink and is loaded with calcium. You should have regular portions of beans like rajma, chana etc. These beans can be included in daily dals and eaten with rice or rotis. Seeds like til, pumpkin seeds etc are small powerhouses of calcium. Til can be made into a popular sweet dish called til ladoos to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. Even lentils and pulses, a regular part of the Indian diet, are good sources of calcium.

Calcium-Fortified Foods

Several foods like orange juice, cereals, soy milk etc are enriched with calcium. However, you must read the label carefully as often these products may be high in sugar content to enhance the taste. Instead of opting for milk-based paneer, you can consume tofu as a vegan alternative.

Foods Rich in Vitamin D

It helps in calcium absorption by the body. Intake of fortified foods with Vitamin D like breakfast cereals, whole grain bread etc can boost calcium levels.

Plant-Based Calcium Supplements

Last, but not the least, for vegans on the go and having active lifestyles, keeping track of the calcium nutrition in each food product can be difficult. In such cases, you can opt for calcium supplements with added Vitamin D to ensure the required calcium intake and its absorption by the body. Calcium in the body ensures strong bones, a healthy heart, a proper nervous system and overall good health. At the start, being a vegan and obtaining the needed calcium can be a bit tough. However, it’s not impossible! By including the correct foods in your vegan diet, you can easily obtain the required calcium nutrients from non-animal sources.