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5 Creative Workout Ideas

Some people love exercising, while some people don’t. However, whether or not you like it, exercise is good for you and everyone should get some form of physical activity every day. Here are a few creative workout ideas for you to get your daily dose of exercise without having to schedule a specific time or following a special workout.

1. Pacing:

Studies have shown that pacing and fidgeting are effective ways to burn calories. This is an easy to do, innovative exercise idea and you can do it at any time. While working from home you can occasionally take a break and walk up and down near your desk for five minutes. You can also rotate your arms at the shoulders, stretch your hands up and bend from side to side, and march in place. The more fun you have the more you will keep doing it and getting a good workout.
Pacing - Creative Workout Idea

2. Stepping:

If you don’t have a stepper you can use a short stool or any nearby stairs. If you feel you need a stretch break, just step up and down about 20 times, alternating legs so that each leg gets 10 steps. You can also do this every time you have to stand on the stool to reach a high shelf or you are dusting the top of your fridge or cupboards.

Stepping - Creative Workout Idea

3. Lifting water bottles:

If you want to give you arms a workout just fill two same-sized bottles of water with equal amounts of water and use them to do some arm curls. If you have to wash the car or water the plants you can divide the water you need into two containers and lift them up and down a few times before you start cleaning or the watering.

Lifting water bottles - Innovative Exercises

4.  Lift the baby:

If you have a toddler or young child at home you can play a fun game with them and get a good workout. Sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor, let the kid sit, or stand on your feet. Holding the little one firmly by the arms to support him/her, lift your legs up and then go down again. Do this about 10 times. The child is sure to enjoy it and your leg muscles will get toned.

Lifting the baby - Creative Physical Activity

5. Clean the house:

Sweeping, mopping, and dusting don’t just get your house clean, but they also can be a good workout. Put on some music so that you can have more fun and start to get your house in tip-top shape. When you’re done, your house will look great and you can feel good about the creative workout exercise you just did.

Clean the house- Creative Exercises

Add these creative physical exercises to your daily routine and you will feel yourself getting healthier and could even start to lose weight and tone muscles.

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