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You’ve got Green in your Healthy Heart Score, Well Done!

Your Healthy heart score shows the current health of your heart. It is assessed by taking factors like your current health, lifestyle, medical conditions and fitness levels into account. This score predicts your risk of developing heart problems in the next 10 years and directs you to the measures you should take to improve your health. Here’s what you should do if-

Your Result Is Green

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The colour green in your Healthy Heart Score means that your heart is in a good shape! Keep living a healthy lifestyle and encourage your family and peers to do the same. Here’s how you can maintain your heart health:

1. Exercise daily and do a variety of activities:

Getting regular exercise through workout sessions is necessary, but also add other activities to your day. Try a sport, swim or take-up activities like house chores. Find your inner child by spending time playing with your kids. Teach them to ride bicycles, skates or learn it yourself. Never say no to a walk. Walk your pets or take leisurely walks in the evening. Being generally active will help you stay healthy for a long time.

2. Choose your foods wisely:

To maintain your heart health choose the foods that help in regulating your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A low sodium diet, with more fruits and vegetables, can help in stabilising your blood pressure. Also, eat more soluble fibres found in foods like oats, barley, apples and peas as these help in flushing out bad cholesterol from the body.  Try giving a healthy twist to everyday recipes, take inspiration from the ones mentioned here.

3. Do a digital detox:

Distancing yourself from social media and other online platforms can help you relieve stress. Switch off your phone for a while and simply relax, go for a walk or take a nap. In the present scenario, it has become extremely difficult for people to detach from mobile and computer screens. But, it is necessary for your mind and body to have a digital detox. Check out more tips for your overall wellbeing by wellness coach Luke Coutinho here.

4. Find a positive outlook:

See the good in even the most difficult things in life. Take on problems one at a time and talk to your family members or friends if you need help. You can also seek professional help to discuss difficult things. Build mindfulness by practising meditation and observing your surroundings more.

5. Laugh more:

Laughing or just smiling more can help you feel more positive. Our external features represent how we feel on the inside but the opposite is true as well. Smiling more can induce a feeling of happiness. It also helps in reducing stress and lets you enjoy the simple things in life.

Take these steps to keep your heart healthy and your Healthy Heart Score in green! If you’ve got a different colour in your assessment- Select Red Or Select Amber for more information.


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